About Sonali Iyengar

              Sonali Iyengar is a B.F.A., Bachelor Of Finearts, M.V.A., Master Of Finearts, an alumnus from Sir J.J. School of Finearts and S.N.D.T. College Mumbai.. She is a very versatile contemporary fineartist exhibiting paintings in conceptual figurative style, abstract style, mixmedia executions, sculptures, murals,installations. Her solo exhibitions have delved into exploring globalisation issues through figurative and abstract art. She has completed more than 100 solo and group exhibitions, has won some prestigious awards, and many press publications to her credit with proof. Her paintings, have gone in museums, they are also in the private, corporate, royal, government collections and houses of people in India and abroad.

             She is also a museologist, building museum collections research, archiving, and museum design. She has executed big and small projects of the private and government clients. She has her own expertise in implementing big and small projects, and their execution. She is an art restorer, art conservator having conserved and restored royal collections and private art collections of clients. Regarding restoration, conservation she can paint any subject of the world art in all its parameters, and intricacies. She has vast knowledge and expertise and likes to distribute it to the public. As an educator, workshops developer, curator she had taken various workshops in multimedia art, taken lectures in CSMVS Museum, NGMA National gallery of Modern Art. She was the curator of Art O Gems gallery collection. She was a faculty in Ecole Intuit. lab French Institute of Design & Visual Communication college. Art is a way of life with her.

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